About Us


Those who play hockey know that it’s more than a game. And a stick isn’t just a stick – it’s part of you and it’s part of your performance. Legends are made not born; players who choose Legend Sports appreciate fine design, effortless style and, above all else, a hockey stick that performs with unfaltering precision when you need it most. With Legend you don’t have to compromise on style or performance. Legend is a brand steeped in hockey history. It crosses continents; from the hockey homeland of South Asia – where our sticks are made by one of the world’s most revered manufacturers – to the west in the UK, where the idea for Legend was born.

One-of-a-kind designs

Legend’s design and innovation team is made up of life-long hockey players. From grass-roots level, the team understands the importance of balancing style and substance. Great looks and premium performance go hand-in-hand at every stage of the development. Each Legend hockey stick is carefully honed to ensure designs which are unmistakably Legend. Typically, our sticks are characterised by slick, simple branding and cutting-edge technology to ensure those who choose Legend live up to the hype.

Technically different

With a sound understanding of what makes a stick legendary, our development team selects proven composites and combines them to ensure every hockey stick falls nothing short of the mark. When precision, accuracy and feel are everything; we understand that getting the mix just right is crucial. Legend works closely with industry experts to ensure our sticks utilise the latest technology, while always considering the values most treasured by our players – freedom of movement, strength and comfort.

In a league of its own

Whether you’re a rookie school team player or an international pro, Legend offers three tiers designed to meet your needs. The range includes eye-catching colours, as well as cool, stealth-like hues to express your individual style. Legend is particularly popular with those who prefer an understated style and want to let their skills do the talking.